Water Extraction Technology vacuum system (WET)

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Water Extraction Technology vacuum system (WET)

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Water Extraction Technology vacuum system (WET)
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WET available for both the DPL and DPM water savers and in kit form.

A DeltaPoint Lite (DPL) or DeltaPoint Manifold (DPM) paired with the WET Venturi system when active water travels through a Venturi valve creating a vacuum on the weld lines. Excess water drains from the cooling lines preventing water explosion during cap change / maintenance. Utilization of the WET system not only prevents water expulsion but it eliminates residual water in the weld cooling lines from draining onto the plant floor.

  • WET system prevents water expulsion during cap change
  • Works off the cooling water supplied to the weld gun
  • No air required to operate
  • Can be supplied in kit form for installation to existing DPL or DPM water saver
  • Water extraction run time adjustable from 000-999 seconds
  • Fully automatic, no programming required
  • No moving parts to wear
  • US Patent No. 10,641,406

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