Modular Sensor Manifold - High Pressure Coolant Flow Monitoring

This truly modular Sensor Manifold allows easy replacement and maintenance of the flow metering unit without disturbing the piping. When tooling changes require flow monitor changes, it is now very simple. A tie-rod system holds the manifold sections together, with O-ring seal between each section. Each manifold section has its own flow monitor that is attached using four bolts. To change the flow monitor, simply remove the bolts, and replace the unit.

The Rugged and Compact Manifold design of the MSM flow meter is used for monitoring high pressure applications such as gun drilling, reaming, and CNC machining water and coolant.

  • Fast Response time reduces tool breakage
  • Two Programmable (open collector) Set Points
  • LED Set Point Alarm Indicators
  • 4-20 mA transmitter of flow rate
  • Integral or Remote LCD Display
  • Type 4 Enclosure, Weatherproof
  • Operating Pressure up to 2000 PSIG
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
Price: Starting at $1,254.00
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