CDI 5400 Compressed Air Flow Meter (standard)

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CDI 5400 Compressed Air Flow Meter (standard)

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CDI 5400 Compressed Air Flow Meter (standard)
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CDI 5400 Compressed Air Flow Meter (standard)

The CDI 5400 clamps onto a pipe, with two flow-sensing probes projecting into the pipe through 3/16-in. drilled holes. It seals directly to the pipe; no cutting or welding is required for installation. Because each flowmeter is made and calibrated for a specific size of pipe, the digital display indicates flow directly, with no setup or adjustment.

The meter measures flow by maintaining one probe warmer than the other. It calculates the mass velocity from the amount of heat required, and then calculates the flow on the basis of pipe area. The flow rate, in scfm, is shown on a large, four-digit display; a 4-20 mA output and a pulse output permit remote display, totalizing and data collection.

Optional Accessories

CDI 5400 drill guides (5400-S-DG)

This guide is for use with 2" (50 mm) and 2-1/2" (63 mm) CDI-5400 and 6400 flow meters....

Price: $65.00
CDI 5400 drill guides (CDI-5400-U-DG)

This universal guide is for use with all CDI-5400 and 6400 meters (pipe sizes 2" or gre...

Price: $95.00
CDI 5400 drill guides (CDI-5400-XXX-DG)

These half-ring drill guides are for use with specific sizes of CDI-5400 and 6400 meter...

Price: $65.00
CDI SRD Remote Display and Totalization of Compressed Air Flows (5200-SRD)

Remote display, daily usage display, or an accumulator for all CDI 5200 or 5400 flowmet...

Price: $115.00
CDI AVD Averaging Remote Display of Compressed Air Flows (5200-AVD)

Used with CDI 5200 or 5400. Provides a moving average of the flow rate over a user-spec...

Price: $115.00